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December 27, 2017

Every child around the world has the right to be creative. Creative inequality results in a waste of talent, resources and potential solutions.

September 9, 2017

Language is always changing. These changes happen across time, space and social groups. Each generation invents and reshapes old words to create new meaning. Side hustle

August 27, 2017

As I was walking home from work, it suddenly dawned on me that i have now spent 9 months in Adland. That’s just as long as it takes to bring a baby to life!!!

August 26, 2017

Sir Karl Popper was a 20th century scientific philosopher who’s notability in the field of science stems from his theoretical analysis of how science progresses. Popper rejected the traditional scientific view of observational induction. The customary notion that scien...

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I enjoy meeting new people, hearing new ideas and  learning new things. If you want to talk or grab a coffee just give me a shout.

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Perspective is everything, circumstances and facts matter less than the way in which we see them.


This is a lesson I learned very early on as I left my home in the mountains of Iran for "The Big Smoke".


Throughout my life  I have always been asking: Why? I love nothing more than discovering something new every day.


I'm fascinated by behavioural psychology and understanding why we do what we do; everything else is just a symptom.


I have created this platform to think, write, create and collaborate with people from all around the world. Since there are 7,591,868,357 as I'm writing this. 

I enjoy meeting new people, hearing new ideas and learning new things. 

If you think you're brave enough, hit me up/below.